Little Venice Pilates introduces Gyrokinesis® to the exercise repertoire.

Gyrokinesis® is a therapeutic and revitilizing movement experience which has routes in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics and dance. Through a range of fluid circular, waving and spiraling motions, your body will become supple, strong and toned. It’s an excellent method for everybody as all movements are adaptable to individual needs, while it is exceptionally beneficial to dancers and athletes. Read More

Pilates Promotion

Buy a Pilates Introduction & Bio Mechanical Assessment and get a complimentary Pilates 2-2-1 Studio Session FREE. An excellent opportunity to establish effective exercise goals, experience a targeted studio Pilates session to focus on advanced technique to get the most from Pilates training. Total Cost £80 for the package. Promotion applies only when booked and Read More

The Roll Down Roll Up: An exercise selected, prepared and guided by Antonio De La Fe, Senior Instructor, Little Venice Pilates

Name of Exercise: The Roll Down/UP Equipment Used: Cadillac and Mat Main Muscles Worked: Core and Spine – Pelvic Floor muscles stabilizing lower spine and abdominal cavity, transversus abdominus, psoas and diaphragm working dynamically throughout.   In addition the multifidi muscles are engaged when creating axial elongation.  The movement of the spine involved the whole mid-anterior chain of Read More