At Little Venice Pilates we invite associates with other areas of expertise and skill to join us in providing proven health and wellbeing approaches to deliver an all-round health and care programme for our patients and clients.


The Sleep School

Our associate, Guy Meadows PhD, leads “The Sleep School” helping anyone to get to sleep and maintain healthy sleep whether insomnia has been for a few weeks or for years.  Guy provides individual consultations and appointments at Little Venice Pilates and helps a wide range of people from all backgrounds and ages to relearn the body’s natural ability to sleep.  Guy’s work is underpinned by research based clinical evidence, and uses a unique combination of acceptance and mindfulness based strategies to tackle insomnia.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) a research based psychological tool underpins the work of The Sleep School.

Guy’s work compliments Little Venice Pilates approach to health and wellbeing through research based education, retraining, responsiveness to the individual, and allowing the human ability to naturally heal without the use of drugs.

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To book appointments with Guy please call or email:

Tel:  +44 (0) 844 561 0474


Alexander Technique

Associate, Angus Antley, MSc provides consultations and one to one appointments in Alexander Technique – an educational process to teach patients and clients how to stand, hold themselves and move differently in order to eliminate unnecessary tension in the body.  Alexander technique has being shown to help people suffering from tension headaches, back pain, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, minor digestive problems, asthma, clumsiness, lethargy and irritability.  The approach is to unlearn bad physical and postural habits to return the body to proper alignment.  Actors, musicians, public speakers and performers have found Alexander technique to be particularly helpful in prevention of vocal injury.  However, many clients with back, neck and headache problems from desk working have also found the technique to be successful in eliminating the cause of pain.  The approach has been established since the 1890s and practitioners undertake a 3 year training programme of study.
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To book appointments with Angus please call or email:

Tel:   07582 051625



Diet and Nutrition

Claudia Ehrlicher graduated as a certified Dietitian from Marienhospital Stuttgart in Germany in 2001. Claudia worked  as a Dietitian and Head of Department Nutrition and Dietetics at Klinik Schloss Mammern in Switzerland, a private hospital and one of the Swiss Leading Hospitals. She has many years of experience in general dietetics for adults especially in weight management, malnutrition, coronary heart diseases, chronic pulmonary diseases, metabolic syndrome, gastrointestinal disorders and health promotion. Since graduating in 2001, Claudia has undertaken additional post graduate training in many areas of nutrition and health, including behaviour change counselling. She constantly keeps up to date with latest developments in Dietetics to offer her clients the latest evidence-based knowledge.

Consultations with Claudia are tailored to your individual needs and will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve your dietetic goals whether you have a medical condition, want to lose weight or just improve your diet and eating habits.

Claudia is registered with the Health Professions Council and is a member of the British Dietetic Association, the Freelance Dietitian Group and Coeliac UK .
•    Healthy eating and general nutrition for adults
•    Change of eating behaviour and lifestyle
•    Sports Nutrition
•    Digestive Problems
•    Diabetes / high blood sugar
•    Food allergies and intolerances
•    Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis
•    Heart Disease
•    High Blood Pressure
•    High Cholesterol / lipid management
•    Weight management (overweight, obesity, underweight, malnutrition)
•    Gastrointestinal disorders including IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis
•    Osteoporosis
•    Migraine
•    Skin Health (e.g Psoriasis, Rosacea)
•    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), respiratory diseases
•    Poor appetite / low fluid intake
•    Food fortification / enrichment / supplements / functional foods
•    Gout and raised uric acid levels
•    Rheumatoid arthritis
•    Low energy levels, fatique
•    Nutrition at work

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To book appointments with Claudia please call or email:

Tel:   07827612261  or  02088260672