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We combine a people centred approach underpinned by clinically supervised Pilates programmes. Sessions take place in our beautifully appointed and well equipped studio.

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Opportunities, Jobs and Vacancies


Our physiotherapy clinic focuses on the assessment, education and retraining of movement supported by qualified scientific research and practices.  All major insurances accepted.

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Opportunities, Jobs and Vacancies

Massage Therapy

Our philosophy of treating, nurturing and caring for the wellbeing, or totality of a client, is core to our work. Massage plays an important role in the holistic approach.

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Opportunities, Jobs and Vacancies


Our osteopathy clinic emphasizes the relationship between structure and function of the body, assisting the body’s natural healing ability by using hands on techniques and corrective exercise.

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Opportunities, Jobs and Vacancies

Jobs and Vacancies

Pilates instructor

We have an outstanding team of first rate people. As a growing business we are always interested in hearing from excellent individuals in the following areas:

Highly experienced Advanced Pilates Instructors – minimum five years experience, background in working or assisting in clinical settings, full studio equipment and mat, natal specialism.

Senior Physiotherapists (MSK) – minimum five years full time clinical experience.

Senior Osteopaths – minimum five years experience.

We hire based on our core values and are looking for individuals who are have a caring nature, and are both pro active and work collaboratively.

At Little Venice Pilates:

We focus on providing outstanding, caring, honest and genuine service to our patients. We put our patients first.

We build relationships with our clients, patients, each other and our suppliers that are based on mutual and equal respect.

We do not tolerate bullying.

We accept mistakes can happen and we correct them.

We follow processes to define efficient and effective ways to work.

We meet and uphold clinical standards.

We review our work and our performance and work to constantly improve.

We look after and care for the environment we work in.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your cv to – littlevenice@ten.co.uk

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