Osteopathy for Sciatica - Maida Vale, London W9

Little Venice Pilates is one of London’s leading Clinics, providing best-in-class osteopathy and supporting services to help patients recover from a wide range of conditions and injuries, assisting the body’s natural healing ability by using hands on techniques and corrective exercise.

Patients often seek Osteopathy for Sciatica.  Sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain (and/or weakness, numbness or tingling) that originates in the lower back and travels through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg.

Treating sciatica through osteopathy treatment emphasises the relationship between structure and function in the body, and takes a holistic approach involving moving, stretching, manipulating and massaging the muscles and joints.

For this particular condition the treatment will aim to reduce the pain and restore function, and may involve

  • gentle manipulation of the lumber spine
  • release of muscle spasm
  • manual traction of the lumber spine
  • gentle articulation of the affected joints
  • rehabilitation exercises

All of our treatments are tailored to each individual patient, and will aim to avoid recurrence.  We may also offer lifestyle advice including diet and regular exercise.

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Registered with Major Health Insurers.

Please check with your insurer if they will refer to osteopathy services before attending your appointment.

We can also work with legal teams to provide essential rehabilitation following accidents, and work related injuries, we have worked with Proclaim Care, Injury QED, Sethlaw Solicitors.