Pilates and the importance of ‘Technique’.

When approaching almost any form of exercise, many people fall into the all-too-easy trap of believing that it’s all about quantity. In other words, the more you do, the greater the benefit.


So they dive into their chosen discipline with great gusto and much sweating and grunting, in the firm belief that the more pain they inflict upon themselves, the more gain they will achieve. Unfortunately, this is really not the right way to embark upon an exercise regime! In addition to the fact that the risk of injury from this approach is very real; the main issue is that such an approach to exercise is simply inefficient. A vast amount of effort can be expended with little or no benefit, which of course ultimately becomes highly demotivating when only minimal improvements in physical condition are achieved.


As any professional sports coach will readily tell you, “technique is everything.” And in the discipline of Pilates, this is especially the case.


When practising Pilates, it is absolutely true to say that just one single exercise performed with perfect technique will provide significantly more benefit than a dozen carried out in a clumsy and un-focussed manner. And the key to getting your technique correct right from the start is professional training.


At Little Venice Pilates, we believe all exercise produces far better results when built from a platform of a detailed and focused approach to technique. Such precise technique can only come from instruction and on-going coaching by professional trainers who have obtained a thorough understanding of the discipline thanks to their years of experience and the expert training and coaching which they themselves have received. We know that for exercise to be effective, technique must be continually developed, together with physical and mindful self-awareness.  Fewer precise movements always produce the greatest result. Our approach is the same as any top level sports coach, golf pro, opera singer, or professional ballet dancer: technique is paramount, and must be learned correctly from the very beginning, and then constantly improved and refined. This approach delivers the best results and prevents the body from becoming unnecessarily fatigued or even injured.


Correctly executed Pilates exercises require intense concentration, along with total awareness and control of every part of the body. Indeed, when Joseph Pilates first developed the concept, he actually called it ‘Contrology’. In addition to control, Pilates is also very much about ‘flow’; aiming to achieve a smooth and seamless transition from one precise movement to the next. Watch an experienced practitioner of Pilates, and you will notice that they appear elegant and almost graceful, in the same way as a ballerina or gymnast, when using highly developed technique in place of brute force and effort.


One of the great benefits of Pilates is that, once learned correctly, this precision of movement becomes second nature and spills over into every other part of our daily lives. Sitting posture, walking motion, every movement we make begins to take on a little more of the same precision and control; and this inevitably results in fewer twists, strains and sprains, less back and neck pain, and an improved overall feeling of general wellbeing.


So remember, technique is everything, and it is crucial to learn correct technique right from the very beginning. Professional teaching is essential, so please contact us at Little Venice Pilates to discuss how we can ensure you start out, and continue, your Pilates regime in the way which will bring you the greatest long term benefit.