Posture and Business Leadership

Patsy Rodenburg, director of voice at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, coaches many actors including several famous ones, Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes, and she uses the same fundamental approaches with business leaders.   If you are fortunate enough to work with her you will discover that releasing tension and finding a neutral, relaxed posture is fundamental to successful vocal work whether you are playing Shakespeare or delivering your annual sales results.  Patsy Rodenburg identifies “First Circle Bodies”,  “Second Circle Bodies”, and “Third Circle Bodies” showing how postural tension whether in shoulders, knees, chest or back not only tightens the voice but changes the energy and your relationship with your audience.  Her work “returns you to the whole”.


Pilates provides both actors and business leaders with an exercise based approach to obtaining neutral posture.  Both Pilates and Alexander Technique often used by dancers, singers and actors can train public speakers and business leaders to find their “Second Circle” to stay present when speaking in high stake or stressful situations.  It takes concentration and Pilates is often described as a “thinking exercise”.  The mind and body work together and obtaining this balance leads to a feeling of calmness, and wholeness which allows your posture to correct itself by release of tension, muscular strengthening, and muscular flexibility  leading to the development of an open, present, vocal, physical and mindful communication with the audience your are speaking with.


You don’t need to be a trained actor to use these techniques, whether you have to do a best man speech, or present  a report at an office meeting basic Pilates exercises will help relax tension in the body and allow freedom of your voice.  Attention to your own body and regular practice brings results to calm fear, release the breath, build a relationship with your audience, improve your posture, focus concentration, meet challenges, and develop your leadership qualities.


Celia Carron
Director of Little Venice Pilates