Pilates Matwork


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Dynamic Mat Assessment & 30 min Massage – £100.

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Pilates matwork develops the basic techniques and principles of Pilates. Focusing on core exercises and postures, this form of Pilates relies entirely on the body as a means to exercise efficiently. It is by no means a less challenging workout and is a highly effective method of introducing correct posture, movement and balance. Pilates Matwork sessions are designed for patients and clients who have been assessed and are following a course of physiotherapy or osteopathy or working to recover or prevent back, neck and postural probles.

All Pilates matwork sessions at Little Venice Pilates have a maximum of four clients and provide individual targeted tuition. Exercises are provided to suit your individual goals and needs within a small group session lead by a senior or master level Pilates instructor or therapist.

These matwork sessions are available following assessment and/or physiotherapy referral.

One to One Pilates Matwork

One to one matwork sessions have been established for clients who prefer an intensive, personal session. Sessions will be tailored to suit each client’s particular needs and skill level. Introductory level through to super advanced Pilates are available on a one to one basis. Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment.

Pilates Matwork Fixed Timetable Classes

At Little Venice Pilates and Physiotherapy, we offer a range of matwork classes each week with a maximum of four people per class. Classes are offered for a range of different aptitude levels.

Sessions are held by fixed timetable. The timetable is reviewed three times a year. A reduced timetable is in operation during holiday periods. Sessions must be pre booked in advance by appointment.

  • Pre/Post Natal Suitable for pre and post natal clients
  • Level 1/2 Suitable for introductory level, post rehabilitation, intermediate, advanced and post natal clients