I have suffered with back pain for years, and since working as a midwife have found that my back is simply not strong enough for the job!  I tried other pilates classes, big groups taught in gyms by fitness instructors but didn’t feel that it was helping.  I cycled past LVP one day a few months ago and thought maybe it was worth spending the extra money to get expert training.  I was right.  In the past three months I have attended my mat class every week – I love it!  Alistair is brilliant and clearly very knowledgable in his field.  The class is tiny, with a maximum of four of us, and the difference in the level of attention that this brings is clear.  My back pain is reduced and I am already noticing improvements in my posture and strength.  It is worth every penny; I look forward to my class every week and even practice at home – the first time in my life I have actively enjoyed exercise!