We combine a people centred approach underpinned by clinically supervised Pilates programmes. Sessions take place in our beautifully appointed and well equipped studio.

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Our physiotherapy clinic focuses on the assessment, education and retraining of movement supported by qualified scientific research and practices.  All major insurances accepted.

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Massage Therapy

Our philosophy of treating, nurturing and caring for the wellbeing, or totality of a client, is core to our work. Massage plays an important role in the holistic approach.

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Our osteopathy clinic emphasizes the relationship between structure and function of the body, assisting the body’s natural healing ability by using hands on techniques and corrective exercise.

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Client and Patient Testimonials at Little Venice Pilates Studio

Since starting three  years ago – I no longer have any back pain – I love my mat classes, my new abs and the LVP community !

Steff Roeg

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage with Chris.

He was very attentive to my needs yet he gave me a powerful treatment, which is what I look for in such a massage. I was really impressed with his client manners and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Valeria Bettina Pensabene

I started at Little Venice Pilates just hoping that pilates might be the exercise to help strengthen my body after a knee injury, enough to allow me to train gently in the gym. 10 weeks later my muscle definition has improved, my back pains have almost gone and I have the stamina, energy and strength to box – without caution – in the gym. It’s been amazing. The instructor’s patience and complete understanding of how my body works (and sometimes doesn’t!) has been invaluable. A big thank you!”

Charlotte Hickson, Monsta

The physiotherapy practice at Little Venice Pilates is progressive, professional and practical.  My treatment was highlighted by the warmth of the staff, whose commitment to returning me to active training fired me with enthusiasm in the midst of the despair of injury.

Angus MacGowan

I would love to pass on my thanks to Emma and the Little Venice Pilates team.

I found the postnatal classes with Emma an absolute pleasure to attend. She was very personlised in her approach and I think the benfits of classes assisted very positively with the type of pregnancy that I was fortunate to have.

Tiffany Debreceny

I found the staff very pleasant and have been very impressed with the treatment I have received from Helene (physio)


I have suffered with back pain for years, and since working as a midwife have found that my back is simply not strong enough for the job!  I tried other pilates classes, big groups taught in gyms by fitness instructors but didn’t feel that it was helping.  I cycled past LVP one day a few months ago and thought maybe it was worth spending the extra money to get expert training.  I was right.  In the past three months I have attended my mat class every week – I love it!  Alistair is brilliant and clearly very knowledgable in his field.  The class is tiny, with a maximum of four of us, and the difference in the level of attention that this brings is clear.  My back pain is reduced and I am already noticing improvements in my posture and strength.  It is worth every penny; I look forward to my class every week and even practice at home – the first time in my life I have actively enjoyed exercise!


Having recently re-started pilates, I have found both instructors I have worked with to be excellent – absolutely top notch! They both really look at the needs and capabilities of an individual and then tailor the exercises to be just right for them. I have experienced this each time I’ve had them as instructors.

These instructors instill a sense of confidence and I’ve enjoyed their instruction in both mat and two-to-one classes.


I found my massage sessions with Patty to be exceptional.  She is very intuitive and extremely experienced and was able to focus exactly on areas that needed most attention.

Christine Brentani

Pilates has now become an essential part of my well being and this is down to the considerate and appropriate guidance received at Little Venice Pilates

Bhushan Kumar

Very thorough and effective massage and really warm and helpful receptionist.


Sania has been really great, and I am so pleased to have her as my instructor. I am feeling much better and getting stronger, and this is due to her care and focus.

Jennifer Beningfield

An amazing massage. My back and neck feel so much better.  The front of desk staff has already persuaded me to come back, so charming.

Lizzy M

I have been attending physio treatment sessions with Farhana on a weekly basis since August 2014 – her professionalism, positive energy and kind character have made these sessions excellent.

Mayra Clifton

Sania, Pilates Instructor,  has moved me into new territory with routines that I am finding more attuned to my particular requirements.

James King

I have been attending physio treatment sessions at Little Venice Pilates on a weekly basis for seven months.  Farhana, Paola and the supporting team have been professional, positive and kind and have made these sessions excellent.

Mayra Clifton

Positive Professional Physio Treatment

I would like to commend Lyndsy (Osteopath) who is full of helpful suggestions and has done and excellent job of getting me back on track.

Angus Slater, Marketing Director